Friday, May 23, 2014

Land of the Free because of the Brave

Land of the Free because of the Brave 
"I am naive to think I understand the meaning of the word sacrifice.  
It means "a giving up of something for something else".  
I have often sacrificed my time, my money, and many a desire, but I have never risked my life
for your rights or my own. I have never seen death on the battlefield nor the loss of a loved one serving our country, yet I reap the benefits on a daily basis. Freedom is my norm and I take it
for granted. I open my Bible without fear of persecution. I speak my mind with no concern for punishment. I do not fear living my life. No words can express the depth of our gratitude
towards those who have risked their life or lost loved ones to protect our own,   
but I think it is important we try."*

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