Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rubber Ducky Card Projects for October

Jane Price was our ring leader this month.  She prepared for us to make these two nice fall cards.  The first one is a cute Halloween card.  She didn't remember who the stamps were made by...but they sure are cute.  The second card is a Fall card.  We stamped and sponged 15 pumpkins and folded them in half and glued  them together.  I only attached 5 pumpkins together so I could mail this card.  I had to press it hard to be able to scan it.  It should have a full 3D pumpkin fanned out on the front of the card.

We got our first snow a couple of days ago here in Littleton.  It was just an inch but it was a nice surprise.  The cooler weather is wonderful.  It won't be long before the Trick or Treaters come and show off their costumes in exchange for candy. 

Happy Stamping!   Judy  :)

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