Friday, September 7, 2012

"Egyptian" Themed Jewelry Piece

Here is my latest jewelry piece made for my friend, Gail Scase.  Her September birthday theme is "Egyptian".  I had to research the Egyptian theme to get myself on the right track.  I spent almost as much time as I spent researching Steam Punk back in it is all a learning experience.

I purchased a wonderful art pendant image of the Goddess Bast which is perfect since Gail loves cats.  The original statue was part of the riches discovered in 1929 upon the excavation of King Tutankhamen tomb.  I can't wait to give it to her.  

Since I had some extra time to play, I stamped and decorated a gift box to present it. 

For my piece, I used some black ribbon from last year's Holiday mini.  I found some purple glitter tape  and used the scallop square punch to punch the two purple accents on the sides and I used a 1/8" hand-held circle punch to add a dot of color to the bottom and top of the piece.  I used two charms of lotus flowers and white pearls to represent Egyptian Lotus Flowers and Egyptian Pearls.  WaaLaa!!!!   :)

Happy Stamping!    Judy   :)

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