Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Pearls & Lace" - I Received my Birthday Jewelry Pieces!!!!!!

The RUBBER DUCKIES are a wonderful group of ladies I am privileged to be a part of.  I received all but one of my "Pearls and Lace" themed Birthday Jewelry Pieces....and I'm absolutely loving every one of them.  The plan is to display them in a shadow box but I am waiting on a supply order to finish it.  So, in the meantime, I'll start sharing the individual pieces I received.

 My first piece was made by Dawn Free.  She melted embossing powders to swirl on the large center jewel.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It will be in the center of my shadow box.  The rest of the piece has lots of pearls and lace. I'm loving it!!!  I'm so glad I selected this theme!

My second piece was made by Gail Scase.  Talk about beautiful.  I love "Girly" things.  Notice the gold hand charm has lace wrapped around it.  The detail is stunning!  I'm loving it!!!

My third piece was made by Jane Price.  Because it is all white, it is hard to see the detail but it is a beautiful white lace flower with a large pearl in the center with small pearls swooping around the outside.  I'm loving it!!!

My fourth piece was made by JoAnn Salmon.  JoAnn found this interesting round base piece that works great...and is the perfect size.  I love Pink and the Cameo looks so classy sitting in the middle.  I'm loving it!!!  Another winner...every one of these is a winner!!!!  

Tomorrow I'll share the last three pieces I received.  Stay Tuned!  I wish I had more birthdays each year!  It seems like it takes forever while waiting for MY birthday works of art...but making pieces for my friends seems to happen every month and it's hard to keep up.  In future posts, I'll show some of my previous year's projects.

Happy Stamping!  Judy  :)

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