Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Pearls & Lace" - I Received my Birthday Jewelry Pieces!!!

Here are three more of MY "Pearls & Lace" themed Birthday Jewelry Pieces.  It is wonderful to get spoiled by my friends!!!  I'm loving it!!!

My fifth piece was made by Kathy Klancic.  Isn't this great???  The piece will look perkier when it is hanging and not laying flat.  Kathy made an art person for each of our themes.  She is one creative lady.  I'm loving it!!!

My sixth piece was made by Nicole Webb.  She used a piece of antique lace for this piece.  Nicole also gave me an antique hankie...which I plan to use under the center of my shadow box.  The pink accent roses will help all my pieces work together.  Did you notice the corset charm hanging from the bottom?  I'm loving it!!!

My seventh piece was made by Pat Stevens.  Pat loves hearts and she does wonderful things with them.  Here is a great example.  Love the pink flowers and heart.  The pearls are a light pink...and Pat put a string of pink pearls on the packaging.  Those pearls will be placed around the shadow box to help pull all my pieces together.  I can't wait to have a finished project and can show it off.  I'm loving it!!!

My eighth piece will be made by Michele Templeman but she won't have it done until October I have reserved a spot in the shadow box for it.  :)

I just finished my September jewelry piece for Gail, who has an "Egyptian" theme.  I still have two more pieces to make for October birthdays, for Jane ---"Moose" theme and Michele --- "Halloween" theme.  

So to recap our year, we had themes of: Butterflies/Dragonflies, Steam Punk, Yellow Roses, Seamstress/Sewing, Birds/Bird Cages, Pearls & Lace, Egyptian, Moose, and Halloween.  Just go back in my posts if you would like to see the earlier jewelry pieces.  What a fun and creative year!

Happy Stamping!   Judy  :)

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