Friday, February 1, 2013

Pearls & Lace Shadow Box

I finally put together my 2012 Rubber Ducky Birthday Project and I'm loving it.  I'll show it closed and open.  The open view will let you see more of the detail on the jewelry pins.  The only thing I would change is with the antique lace hanky.  I would like it to be white in the center section (like it was before I glued it down). I had all the pieces sitting on my kitchen counter for many months until I finally decided to go for it.  I was afraid I would mess it up...but it really wasn't hard.  It mostly took patience while the E6000 Industrial Strength glue dried on each piece and while gluing the pearls around the edges.  What a sense of accomplishment!  I'm so thrilled with my  Pearls & Lace theme. This is what you get when you have so many talented, creative friends.

Here is the closed view shown hanging on my wall.  There are a few pieces that have dangles on them that move...and the center pin is all movable and hangs really nice with it upright.

Here is the open view.  It was hard holding the shadowbox open while trying to take a picture from the appropriate distance.  Thank you Rubber Duckies for my beautiful birthday piece of art.

The artists of the individual pieces are, going clockwise, starting at:
           1:00  ---  Nicole Webb
           2:00  ---  Dawn Free
           4:00  ---  JoAnn Salmon
           6:00  ---  Michele Templeman
           8:00  ---  Gail Scase
          10:00 ---  Jane Price
          11:00 ---  Pat Stevens
          Center -- Kathy Klancic

We are now ready to start our 2013 Birthday Projects.  Can't wait to see how they will turn out!!!  It's like kids in a candy store.  :)

Happy Stamping!   Judy   :)

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